Service Department Hours:

Monday - Friday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday: Closed



This will allow us to determine what the problem is and let you, the customer, decide if you want further work done or not.  This $35 fee will be waived if you decide to pursue additional work.

Data Backup/Transfer/Recovery

Starts at $35.00

$35 covers data transfers up to 10 GB.  For larger amounts of data, please call us at 301-330-6016 /
 for an estimate.

Virus Removal


Some viruses can be attached to core system files or hidden so that antivirus software is unable to detect or remove it.  If we cannot remove all the viruses from your system, you may bring your system back within 14 days for a complimentary reformat + reload service (see below).

Operating System Setup (Installation or Reformat)


If you do not already have your own copy of Windows with a valid license key, we can use a new copy.  Windows 10 Home is $109, and Windows 10 Pro is $149.

Hardware Installation charges cover labor only, parts are not included in these prices.

Hardware installation varies depending on the make/model of the device. The tech specialist will notify you if any additional fee is required, depending on the service.

If you need multiple items installed, please call us at 301-330-6016 / 240-848-0010 for an estimate.

Laptop Fans, Laptop DC Jack

DC Jack Repair is not available for all laptop models.  Please contact us at 301-330-6016 for more information.

Motherboards, CPU Coolers, Laptop Screen Replacement

CPU, Graphics Cards, Optical/Hard Drives, Power Supplies

Memory, Network Cards, Case Fans.